What is Alloy 20, and why is it used for tube applications?

Alloy 20 Tube is a specialized nickel-iron-chromium alloy designed to offer exceptional resistance to various corrosive environments. It contains high levels of chromium, molybdenum, and nickel, contributing to its remarkable resistance to various acids, particularly sulfuric acid. This unique combination of elements makes Alloy 20 highly suitable for tube applications in industries where corrosion resistance is critical, such as chemical processing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, and power generation. Its resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion, and stress corrosion cracking, coupled with its excellent mechanical properties, make Alloy 20 tubes a reliable choice for handling corrosive fluids and gases, even at elevated temperatures.

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What are the key properties and characteristics of Alloy 20 tubes?

Alloy 20 Tubes possess several key properties and characteristics that make them highly sought after in various industrial applications. They exhibit exceptional corrosion resistance, particularly in highly corrosive environments containing sulfuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, and chlorides. This resistance is due to the alloy's high chromium, molybdenum, and nickel content. Alloy 20 tubes offer excellent mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, good impact resistance, and low thermal expansion.

These properties enable them to withstand high pressures, mechanical stresses, and temperature fluctuations. Alloy 20 tubes exhibit good fabricability, allowing easy welding, forming, and machining. They also demonstrate resistance to intergranular corrosion and superior performance in oxidizing and reducing environments. The combination of corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, and fabricability makes Alloy 20 tubes a reliable choice for critical applications where reliability and longevity are paramount.

How does Alloy 20 compare to other materials commonly used for tube manufacturing?

Compared to other materials commonly used for tube manufacturing, Alloy 20 stands out due to its exceptional corrosion resistance in many corrosive environments. It surpasses many stainless steels, including 304 and 316, in terms of resistance to acids like sulfuric acid. Additionally, Alloy 20 exhibits higher mechanical strength and impact resistance than copper, brass, and aluminium. Its fabricability is also notable, allowing for easy welding and forming. When considering factors such as corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, and fabricability, Alloy 20 offers a reliable and versatile solution for tube applications, particularly in industries that require resistance to corrosive substances and demanding operating conditions.

Specification Of Alloy 20 Tube

Tube Standard ASTM B729 / ASTM B464, ASME SB 729 / ASME SB 464
Tube Dimension ANSI/ASME B36.19M, ANSI/ASME B36.10M
Seamless Tube Sizes 1 / 2" NB - 16" NB
Welded Tube Sizes 1 / 2" NB - 24" NB
Tube Outside Diameter 6.00 mm OD up to 914.4 mm OD, Sizes up to 24” NB available Ex-stock, OD Size Steel Tubes available Ex-stock
Tube Manufacturing Process Seamless / Welded / ERW / Fabricated / CDW / 100% X Ray Welded
Alloy 20 Tube Schedule SCH 5, SCH10, SCH 40, SCH 80, SCH 80S, SCH 160, SCH XXS, SCH XS
Tube Length Single Random, Double Random, Standard & Cut length
Tube End Types Plain Ends (PE), Threaded Ends (TE), Bevelled Ends (BW), Grooved Mechanical Joints or Grooved Ends, TBE (Treaded Both Ends)
Delivery Condition Annealed and Pickled, Polished, Bright Annealed, Cold Drawn
Outside Finish 2B, No.4, No.1, No.8 Mirror Finish for Alloy 20 Tubes, Finish as per customer Requirements
Value Added Services Cutting, Beveling, Polishing, Threading, Destructive, Non Destructive, Ultrasonic Testing

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Types Of Alloy 20 Tubes

Alloy 20 Round Tube

Alloy 20 Round Tube

Alloy 20Cb-3® Round Tube, Alloy 20 Round Tube Supplier, Alloy 20 Round Tube Stockist.

Alloy 20 Square Tube

Alloy 20 Square Tube

Alloy 20Cb-3® Square Tube, Alloy 20 Square Tube Supplier, Alloy 20 Square Tube Stockist.

Alloy 20 Rectangular Tube

Alloy 20 Rectangular Tube

Alloy 20Cb-3® Rectangular Tube, Alloy 20 Rectangle Tube Supplier, Alloy 20 Rectangular Tube Stockist.

Alloy 20 Polished Tube

Alloy 20 Polished Tube

Alloy 20Cb-3® Polished Tube, Alloy 20 Polished Tube Supplier, Alloy 20 Polished Tube Stockist.

Widest Range of Alloy 20 Tubes in Mumbai, India.

  • Widest RangeSchedule XXS Alloy 20 Tube
  • Widest RangeMetric Carpenter 20 Tubing
  • Widest RangeSchedule XS Alloy 20 Tube
  • Widest RangeSchedule 160 Alloy 20 Tube
  • Widest RangeAlloy 20Cb-3® Seamless Tube
  • Widest RangeSchedule 5 Alloy 20 Tube
  • Widest RangeAlloy 20 Electropolish Tube
  • Widest RangeSchedule 10 Alloy 20 Tube
  • Widest RangeSchedule 80 Alloy 20 Tube
  • Widest RangeSchedule 40 Alloy 20 Tube
  • Widest RangeAlloy 20 ERW Tube
  • Widest RangeASTM B729 Alloy 20 Tube
  • Widest RangeASME SB729 Alloy 20 Tube
  • Widest RangeASTM B729 Alloy 20 Tube
  • Widest RangeASME SB729 Alloy 20 Tube
  • Widest RangeAlloy 20 Tubing Suppliers
  • Widest Range6 Alloy 20 Tube
  • Widest RangeAlloy 20 Round Tube
  • Widest RangeAlloy 20 Tube HS Code
  • Widest RangeAlloy 20 Tubing

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Alloy 20 Tubes Equivalent Grades

Alloy 20 N08020 2.4660 Z2NCUD31-20AZ NiCr20CuMo - - -

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Alloy 20 Tubes Price

Product Price
SS 2.4660 Square Tube Price List US $ 12 - 25 / Pound
Alloy 20 Tube Price US $ 2523 - 14654 / Ton
N08020 Alloy 20 Tube Price US $ 2424 - 4344 / Ton
Alloy 20Cb-3® Tube Price Per Kg $8 - 37 / Kg
Alloy 20 N08020 Tube Price US $ 1172 - 2347 / Ton
Alloy 20 Tube Price In India $648.00 - $1,335.00/ Ton
ASTM B729 Alloy 20 Tube Price List $743.00 - $1,980.00/ Ton
Alloy 20 Tube Price Per Piece $9.00 - $147.00/ Piece
Alloy 20 Square Tube Price $1,242.00 - $3,433.00/ Ton

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Alloy 20 Tube Manufacturing Process

Welding Process

The grade and application requirements have an impact on tube welding and forming. For the manufacturing of tiny diameter tubes, we employ TIG welding. Steel sheets are coiled and welded inside of a welding machine. The steel sheets are shaped into a coil before entering the machine. The seam between these coils is then welded to create a tube.

Drawing/ Floating Process

Pulling a metal bar, rod, or wire through the entirety of a die to change its finish, shape, size, and/or mechanical qualities is known as floating or drawing. The tube's outer, inner, and wall thicknesses are all reduced via the tube drawing procedure. alloy 20 tubes benefit from maintaining the integrity of their surface.

Continuous Seamless Tube Mills

The production of seamless tubes has been transformed by continuous tube mills. These mills do away with the necessity for forging welding or filler metal, in contrast to conventional procedures. With the use of this technology, seamless pipes and tubes may be produced continuously, increasing productivity while lowering costs and improving efficiency.

Continuous Casting

A notable advancement in the production of seamless tubes is continuous casting. The metal is solidified into a continuous billet through the continuous pouring of molten metal into a water-cooled mould. Better uniformity and enhanced mechanical qualities are guaranteed by this continuous casting technique for the tubes.


Metal is heated above the point of re-crystallization and cooled to room temperature during the annealing process. The molecular bonds in metal tighten when it is shaped, making it rigid. The metal is put through an annealing process to regain its ductility.

Sinking Process

Tube sinking is a drawing technique that reduces the diameter of tubes. In this drawing technique, a tube is run through a die without the need of a mandrel. Good inner surface quality is not ensured when using a mandrel. The die angel determines the integrity of the outer surface. The die being used produces a uniform surface. A tube can be significantly smaller than it was originally. When cost is a factor, tube sinking is ideal.

Inspection and Testing

Before sending our items to our consumers, we conduct inspection procedures to verify their integrity.

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Chemical Composition Of Alloy 20 Tube

Ni C Mo Mn Si Fe Cu S P Cr
32 - 38 0.02 max 2 - 3 1 - 2 0.7 max Bal 3 - 4 0.005 max 0.02 max 19 - 21

Mechanical Properties Of Alloy 20 Tubing

Density Melting Range Yield Stress (0.2%Offset) Tensile Stress Elongation
8.1 g/cm3 1443 °C (2430 °F) Psi - 35000 , MPa - 241 Psi - 80000 , MPa - 551 30 %

Testing & Inspection of Alloy 20 Tubes

Testing (Destructive, Non Destructive)

Positive Material Identification – PMI Testing Hydrostatic Test
Chemical Analysis – Spectro Analysis Hydrogen-Induced Cracking (HIC) Test
Mechanical Testing Such as Tensile, Elongation, Reduction of Area Sulfide Stress Corrosion Cracking (SSC), NACE TM 0177
Micro Test Radiography Test
Macro Test Dye Penetrant Test (DP Test)
Hardness Test Ultra Sonic Test (UT)
Pitting Resistance Test Eddy Current Testing
Intergranular Corrosion (IGC) Test Impact Test
Flaring Test Bend Test
Flattening Test

Alloy 20 Tube Sizes in MM

25 22 20 18 16 14 12 10
WT mm WT mm WT mm WT
WT mm WT mm WT mm WT
Outside Diameter Outside Diameter 0.508 0.711 0.889 1.245 1.651 2.108 2.769 3.404
mm inch   kgs/m kgs/m kgs/m kgs/m kgs/m kgs/m kgs/m
6.35 1/4 0.081 0.109 0.133 0.174 0.212      
9.53  3/8 0.126 0.157 0.193 0.257 0.356 0.429    
12.7  1/2   0.214 0.263 0.356 0.457 0.612 0.754  
15.88  5/8   0.271 0.334 0.455 0.588 0.796 0.995  
19.05  3/4   0.327 0.405 0.553 0.729 0.895 1.236  
25.4 1      0.44 0.546 0.75 0.981 1.234 1.574 2.05
31.75 1 1/4   0.554 0.688 0.947 1.244 1.574 2.014 2.641
38.1 1 1/2   0.667 0.832 1.144 1.514 1.904 2.454 3.233
44.5 1 3/4       1.342 1.774 2.244 2.894 3.5
50.8 2          1.549 2.034 2.574 3.334 4.03
63.5 2 1/2       1.949 2.554 3.244 4.214 5.13
76.2 3          2.345 3.084 3.914 5.094 6.19
88.9 3 1/2       2.729 3.609 4.584 5.974 7.27
101.6 4            4.134 5.254 6.854 8.35
114.3 4 1/2         4.654 5.924 7.734 9.43

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Documents Provided at the time of Domestic Sales or Export of Alloy 20 Tubes

Certificate of Origin Raw Material Test Reports
Commercial Invoice Heat Treatment Charts
Packing List Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)
Fumigation Certificates NABL approved Laboratory Test Reports
Letter of Guarantee Material Test Certificates
ROHS Certificate Certificate of Compliance/Conformity

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Alloy 20 Tubes For Energy, Alloy 20 Tubes For Pharmaceutical Industry, Alloy 20 Tubes For Transport, Alloy 20 Tubes For Real Estate, Stainless Steel 2.4660 Tubes For Textile Industry, UNS N08020 Tubes For Engineering, Alloy 20 Tubes For Manufacturing, Alloy 20 Tubes For Production, Alloy 20 Tubes For Technology, Stainless Steel 2.4660 Tubes For Waste, UNS N08020 Tubes For Mining, Alloy 20 Tubes For Electronics, Carpenter 20 Tubes For Health care, Alloy 20 Tubes For Pulp and Paper Industry, Alloy 20 Tubes For Rail Transport, Alloy 20 Tubes For Agriculture, Alloy 20 Tubes For Factory, Alloy 20 Tubes For Food Industry, Alloy 20 Tubes For Tertiary Sector, Alloy 20 Tubes For Construction, Alloy 20 Tubes For Chemical Industry.

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