Metallica Metals India offers a complete stock of Large Diameter Pipes that can be used in different industries. Their list introduces stainless steel pipes suitable for various uses, including SS 304, SS 304L, SS 310S, SS 316L, and SS 904L, which are corrosive resistant and used in construction, chemical processing and oil industries. Further, they supply carbon steel pipes such as ASTM A53 GR. BS and ASTM A106 GR. B, generally for use in power generation, infrastructure, and automotive industries. They also have low-temperature carbon steel versions which are used in low-temperature services, for instance, in Liquefied Natural Gas terminals and refrigeration plants.

Committed to providing high-quality products and services, Metallica Metals India ensures that their customers have access to extensive product specifications and competitive pricing. Their commitment to quality control guarantees reliable and accurate pipe according to customers’ specific requirements. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Metallica Metals India has earned a reputation as a trusted provider in the industry, serving outstanding global markets.

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